“International Business Education” as the name suggests, is a blend of ‘Rules of the Global market’, ‘Industry-wise Business Expertise’ and ‘Management education’.

Thus, while imparting IBE it is of utmost importance that an exposure to all these three dimensions is simultaneously given.

Ours is a layered team which comprise of:

  • Business leaders working at various strategic roles in the industry.
  • Professionals who have worked for various regulatory authorities of India.
  • Veterans from the world of academics.

This combination is our strength and is that PoD which strategically places us ahead of our peers


What makes our courses unique?
Our courses are authored by various professionals from the Foreign Trade Fraternity, Ex-Bureaucrats (Regulatory/external affairs), International marketers, entrepreneurs and the veterans from the world of academics. This blend is something that makes Trade & Beyond comprehensive, practical and one of its kind in the country.

How can these courses help?
The International Business industry changes with every passing moment. We update our courses on a weekly basis. Our ability to enable our students remain abreast with the latest from the world of foreign trade help our students put up a good show in interviews and academics.

What does the professionals say about us?
“When it comes to the international realm, the process of marketing, trading, logistics movement etc are governed by certain dynamic forces. So what was a thumb rule yesterday becomes obsolete today. And what is there today is what the recruiters want you to know. And that’s where probably Trade and beyond’s courses becomes more relevant.”
– Vibhor Aggarwal,
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Gurgaon.

What does our students say about us?
“In my view, Trade & Beyond happens to be one of the most industry centric sources of learning in the realm of International Trade Operations today. The interactive learning approach of the courses keeps the interest alive and makes learning a joyful task.”
– Ankur Kejariwal,
Louis Dreyfus (LD) , Delhi.