We serve everyone seeking knowledge, training & professional development in the domain of international business and we aspire to lead this profession by setting industry standards and promoting professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of the society.

Our generation is witnessing the phenomenon of Globalization at an unprecedented pace. With each passing day we are witnessing an India more open to the rest of the world, economically, financially, culturally and in terms of trade.  We aspire to build the proficiency—knowledge, skills and abilities—of people, businesses and organizations to excel in this era of Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization and Marketization.

 Strategic Premise

India’s merchandise trade stood at 763bn$ in 2014 which is close to 40% of the GDP. India’s share in the world trade in the same year was close to 2%.

A recent McKinsey report says Global Trade Transactions of the world will account for $70 trillion in 2025.
As we see India marching ahead to integrate its economy with that of the world through International Business and increase its share of the global trade, we realize that there is a need for trained professionals in every industry today.

We are here to fulfill this need.