1) The e-Learning Process


How do I access the TnB training?

Once you have enrolled for a certification, you will be provided the access to the e-learning of that course through your dashboard.

What if I have doubts during the e-learning?

We offer email query support. Send us your doubts at info@tradeandbeyond.com, and we will respond.

2) Internet Connectivity Requirements


My desktop

-Do I need a broadband connection to access to the elearning

No. Any basic internet connection will be good.

My phone

– Can I access the e-learning through my phone?

YES. All android devices.

What are the hardware and software requirements for this online training?
  • Ms Excel 2003 or higher
  • Flash 10.0 or higher (Download)
  • Any web browser (If you are using Internet Explorer please use version 7.0 or above)
  • Use IE 7.0 or above to book a date and test centre for the certification exam

Note: Our courses are not supported by IPADs

3) Validity of the Courses


-Access to the study material will expire after 90 days. Within this time the students will have to complete the course and book an examination date at one of our test centres.