‘Trade & Beyond’ is a professional association for International Business Development and the premier provider of training and certification programs to organizations, professionals & students.

It’s a venture by Alumni of IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) managed by a young team with a passion for business training.

We pride our organization and its body of knowledge as being one of country’s most trustworthy source of current, industry-validated information on how to practice International Business in its various forms.

And we always strive to provide reliable and timely knowledge and practical resources to advance the field of global business in the country.

We at Trade and Beyond believe in the power of Certification.

Certification is one of the proofs with an aspirant which allows his prospective employer to judge his ability. Certification to us does not mean merely printed paper or card, signed by some authority, telling about your expertise. Rather certification to us is a process in which you undergo a systematic learning and prove your capability through a serious of tests. The desire to start and go through this process is the most valuable part of this certification.

At TnB (As we prefer to call ourself) we train individuals on the various dimensions of the International Business (IB). We provide them with an opportunity to hone the skills that the industry demands and once the individual has developed these skills he appears in our certification exam (held in over 40 cities of the country-throughout the year). On successfully passing the examination we certify him.